2013-06-25 11.01.32ABOUT US

I’m Cecily, the baker at California Cupcake Company (CCC) and a California native turned Brit.  When I was a little girl, a family friend invited me to bake with her every Christmas and I adored it. As I grew up, life was filled with other activities (as we all know happens) and baking faded into fond memories.  Since moving to England I have rekindled my love of baking and am following in the footsteps of my family line of bakers (my grandmother’s family owned a bakery at the end of WWII)! I get so much joy from the look on a face after their first bite, be it a cookie, cupcake or cake.  My dream is that as my children grow older, their love for baking will flourish and CCC will grow into a full family business.


All of my tasty treats are handmade and made to your specification.